Baka Gaijin Show- RANT #1: Alluka’s Gender 

"How dare people latch on to transgender characters!!! I’m so pissed off >:(" lol…

Despite there being a ton of well documented cases of trans youth saying that they ‘felt like a girl’ or ‘felt like a boy’ very early in age and many many trans people saying that they felt they had those feelings from a very early age. I guess you’re just gonna say “lol this never happens, I’m right!! Look at the world!!”

Togashi doesn’t need to ‘claim’ “hay this character is trans”. Like lol, he makes it so obvious. Like if I were to write a trans character in a fictional world where the word “transgender” may or may not exist. I’d probably write a character exactly like Alluka.

Like you even say “Killua got mad that Gotoh assumed she was a boy”. Right… do you even know what transgender means…?

And you know what? When I first read the manga I wasn’t *sure* if I was getting maybe a crappy translation or what. But the anime confirms everything. Unless you’re implying that the anime, which has canonically followed the entire manga, is somehow not canon enough :V  The wiki article is shit. So look at the anime source. 

Illumi. Clearly. ~Clearly~. Refers to Alluka as a younger brother. Otouto. 

Killua. Clearly. ~Clearly~. Refers to Alluka as a younger sister. Imouto. (and later in the manga, though not quite in the anime yet, Alluka refers to both herself and Nanika as girls.)

There are no pronouns to mix up there. There’s no translation error.

Alluka was amab and Illumi who basically considers her no more than an object is not going to respect her gender. I mean there’s a reason she likes Killua more than anything, and part of it might have to do with the fact that he is the only family member who respects her actual gender. 

"Her gender doesn’t affect her character much.." I mean yeah, why have a trans character unless the story is specifically about her transition. Let’s not have a gay character unless the character’s story is specifically about being gay. It’s not like these characters are people who can have stories outside of being trans or gay. lol…

So yeah. You’re wrong.

If you want to get into headcanon. I totally headcanon Kalluto as a trans girl too. She just saw how her family treated Alluka and so was scared to come out about it. But it’s why she dresses like a girl.

See that. That’s headcanon. That’s fan speculation. Alluka though?

Alluka is canonically a girl. Canonically trans.

But I mean this is what we have to deal with. People like this who want the mangaka to ~specifically~ say she’s trans, even when it’s obvious. People who want the mangaka to ~only~ make gender important if it ~relates to the story~ i.e. you can only have trans characters if the story is about transitioning.

This person is disgusting. And the fact that they get so pissed off about a character being a trans girl would be pretty hilarious if it wasn’t so common.

tldr: Omg look how mad cishets get… 


I’m literally only watching Hunter x Hunter to see Alluka animated.

Is that wrong? I don’t think so.

I started the original anime to see Alluka animated. 

Can’t imagine my disappointment when I realized the original anime stopped after the Greed Island arc….. 

But the wait was worth it <3

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im always suspicious of anyone that finds me attractive

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FACT OF THE DAY:  mars is called the red planet because during the cold war it sided with the communists

It is pretty cold on Mars….

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Doing the ‘Silmarillion Read-Along’

Though starting a little late since I just saw it….

Things to note:

Iluvatar is a huge jerk. Now I never really liked ‘god’ characters so I guess it stands to reason that I think Illuvatar by default is kind of a giant jerk… but like he basically creates the Ainur (which are almost branches of his own personality)


And then gets pissed off and tries to show them up when they do something he disproves of :V

Poor Melkor, he just wanted to create his own music. Branch out you know. And Illuvatar gets all pissed off because he’s not doing as he’s told. Even conceitedly telling Melkor that everything he does is just a branch of himself. So this kinda robs Melkor of any original accomplishments he might have.

It’s honestly very similar to the whole Christian mythology with God and Lucifer. But with music :V

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something all of tumblr should see.

I mean lots of things really :V

  • It will make them realize their actions have negative consequences and promote a stop to their abusive behavior.

  • Any action that either outs them as an abuser or promotes the above will help other people. The person is less likely to hurt others if you take action against them.

  • Not everyone is the same. No one has to forgive their abuser. And for some I think it would be good/helpful to see said abuser suffer. (Or I guess sending someone to prison doesn’t fall under making said person ‘suffer’?)

  • This mentality is creepy ‘Don’t ever fight back’ modern liberal BS. It oversimplifies the world and basically tries to prevent people from ever standing up for themselves with “two wrongs don’t make a right” logic. The problem is that most the people promoting that mentality are people who have already done wrong and don’t want to face any consequences for their actions.

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Reblogging again to say Joss Whedon is a misogynist not-feminist because he keeps pulling this shit.

Also, Janet Van Dyne is like 100x more interesting any any of the Pym particle using dudes and the fact that killing her off means sidestepping the fact that Hank Pym is an abuser is shit.

Wow fuck all of this

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming :v

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Sauron wearing Maleficent’s clothes requested by beguilingblackness.


Sauron wearing Maleficent’s clothes requested by beguilingblackness.


I draw too much Sauron. Someone needs to stage an intervention. 


I draw too much Sauron. Someone needs to stage an intervention. 


Revised version of Sauron in Numenor for prussianandproud.

Veils optional: